Safe Drain® Aviation Applications

As a leader in the aviation industry, you understand the importance of managing your environmental impact for the sake of your company’s bottom line as well as the well being of the planet. Mitigating storm drain pollution is one huge component of this, and finding solutions can be a challenging task.

We are therefore pleased to introduce our industry leading stormwater management system, the Safe Drain. Safe Drain is a storm drain insert that contains and controls unwanted or accidental spills, helping companies comply with environmental regulations and SWPPP certification, while protecting the environment for us all. Safe Drain replaces traditional spill control methods with a sophisticated solution that will save your company time and money by reducing costs of labor, maintenance, cleanup, and removal.

Our innovative system is compatible with any storm drain inlet and can be modified to fit any special location or operation. It is available in a manual version, which is operated with a valve key, or an automatic version, which is controlled by a remote switch or smart device. Safe Drain is an EPA-approved, 100% above-ground spill containment system that will help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

Safe Drain system ensures compliance with SWPPP certification.
Safe Drain spill containment system in use at Jet Center.
Safe Drain provides secondary containment of spills.
Safe Drain is installed at over 850 US Department of Defense locations worldwide.

A Cost-effective Solution for Airport Storm Drain Spill Control

Without Safe Drain, any uncontained spill can lead to hazardous materials flowing directly into our waterways, poisoning the environment and putting our loved ones at risk. Clean-up costs and compliance penalties for such disasters can be devastating, and it is in your company’s best interest to take a preventative rather than a reactive approach. Safe Drain promises to contain these spills, protecting the environment and your company from potential disaster.

Safe Drain installation is simple and can be done in as little as 30 minutes! We give a great level of attention to the particular needs of your situation, supplying every customer with a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions on the proper installation of the Safe Drain for your specific site.