Safe Drain® Industrial Applications

Urban and industrial facilities’ drainage systems need storm drains to avoid flooding during heavy rains. If mismanaged, these systems can pollute. Accidental spills into storm drains and even rainfall can pollute waterways and harm our ecosystem. Safe Drain storm drain inserts provide an innovative option that helps facility owners comply with their stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP).

Safe Drain storm drain inserts provide secondary containment to trap pollutants before they reach the stormwater system. Durable inserts fit firmly into standard catch basins to prevent pollutants from bypassing the system. The inserts are easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for facilities that want to avoid pollution.

Safe Drain inserts reduce river pollution. Hazardous substances accidentally released into storm drains can rapidly reach local streams, rivers, and oceans, harming aquatic life and human health. The Safe Drain insert prevents these pollutants from entering the stormwater system, saving public health and the environment.

Storm drain filter providing secondary containment.

Without Spill Containment

  • Costly Response
  • Interruption of business activities
  • Risk to responders
  • Risk to anyone in the area
  • Possible Fines
  • Polluting our waterways

Protect Against Everyday Pollution

  • Rain carries pollutants to the storm drain
  • Sediment clogs lateral lines
  • Oils and other pollutants from automobiles
  • Rainwater contacting metal surfaces
  • Rain from rooftops
  • Landscape and sprinkler water

Cost-effective Storm Drain Protection for Your Facility

Safe Drain inserts help facility owners avoid pricey spill fees and clean-up. These inserts show facility owners’ environmental accountability and compliance. Safe Drain inserts shield facilities from accidental spills, reducing liability.

Safe Drain inserts avoid pollution and improve stormwater management. These inserts avoid costly clean-up, fines, and legal action by capturing pollutants before they reach waterways. Facility owners can show their responsibility and secure their bottom line by using Safe Drain inserts. Facility owners should engage in Safe Drain inserts for environmental and long-term sustainability.