Safe Drain® Military Applications

Securing the Environment, Securing the Mission

Stormwater runoff on military bases can contain hazardous materials that pose a significant threat to the environment. Safe Drain is the answer to preventing these spills from entering the storm water system, ensuring the protection of our natural resources.

As a military leader, you understand the importance of environmental sustainability and the need to reduce the impact of your operations on the environment. Finding effective solutions to stormwater pollution can be a challenging task. We understand this challenge and are pleased to introduce our innovative stormwater management system that can help you address stormwater pollution at your facilities. Safe Drain offers a comprehensive solution that not only mitigates pollution but also provides long-term benefits for the environment and your operations.

Safe Drain is a stainless steel insert equipped with a shutoff valve and filter, custom designed to fit seamlessly within storm drain inlets. It acts as a robust barrier, intercepting and containing any harmful substances, such as oil, chemicals, and debris, before they can contaminate the environment.

Stormwater protection on military bases
Safe Drain in use at NAS Pt. Mugu.
Tank and truck depot
Safe Drain is installed at over 850 US Department of Defense locations worldwide.

A Cost-effective Solution for Storm Drain Protection in a Military Environment

Our military customers value security above all else. Safe Drain enhances security by preventing potential sabotage or malicious contamination attempts through stormwater systems. The shutoff valve can be remotely controlled by a switch, computer, or smart phone, providing an added layer of protection. Manual units are operated with a valve key.

Safe Drain installation is simple and can be done in as little as 30 minutes! We give a great level of attention to the particular needs of your situation, supplying every customer with a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions on the proper installation of the Safe Drain for your specific site.