Safe Drain® Applications for Municipalities

Innovative Solutions for Clean Water

As a municipality, you have a responsibility to protect the environment and ensure the safety of your community. One of the most significant threats to our environment is the contamination of storm-water runoff. Harmful pollutants and chemicals, such as oil, sediment, and debris, can easily enter the stormwater system and flow directly into our waterways, causing significant harm to wildlife and the ecosystem.

That’s why Safe Drain is an essential product for any municipality that cares about the environment. Safe Drain is a stainless steel insert with a shutoff valve and filter that is installed inside of a storm drain inlet. It acts as a barrier that prevents hazardous spills from entering the stormwater system and harming the environment.

With Safe Drain, you can take a step towards achieving your sustainability goals while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Safe Drain replaces traditional spill control methods with a sophisticated solution that will save your company time and money by reducing the costs of labor, maintenance, cleanup, and removal.

Compatible with any storm drain inlet, whether existing or new construction, Safe Drain can be modified to fit any special location, or operation. It is an EPA-approved, 100% above-ground spill containment system.

Stormwater protection for municipalities
Above ground drain protection
Safe Drain is protecting municipal yards and
facilities nation-wide!

A Cost-effective Solution for Storm Drain Protection in Municipal Yards and Facilities

Safe Drain is available in manual or automatic versions. Manual units are operated with a valve key, while automatic units are controlled by a remote switch, computer, or smart phone.

Without Safe Drain, an uncontained spill can lead to hazardous materials flowing directly into our waterways, poisoning the environment and putting our loved ones at risk.

Safe Drain installation is simple and can be done in as little as 30 minutes! We give a great level of attention to the particular needs of your situation, supplying every customer with a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions on the proper installation of the Safe Drain for your specific site.